The Pineapple Parade


In this lovely children’s story, the fresh and juicy Petra Pineapple thinks she is better than all the other kinds of pineapple. She finds out how wrong she is, at the Pineapple Parade. This story has been written for young children to increase their familiarity with the 5-a-day message.
The book introduces Petra Pineapple, who is fresh and juicy. On her way to The Pineapple Parade, she meets other kinds of pineapple, including tinned, dried, juiced and frozen pineapple. Petra believes that she is better than the others as she is fresh, but she learns that the other kinds of pineapple have their own unique benefits and that they all count towards your five a day.


A fun and engaging story book that uses rhyme and repetition to encourage children to eat more healthily.