The Knobbly, Wobbly, Bobbly Celeriac


In this lovely children’s story, Alex and Morgan are given the task of choosing a different vegetable from the greengrocer shop every day after school to eat with their tea. Alex and Morgan’s Mum says they must choose a different vegetable each day. And what fun they have picking! This story has been written for young children (aged 3-5 years), and has been designed to encourage children to eat a variety of vegetables, particularly those that may be unfamiliar to them.

The book includes an introduction to sensory learning activities using celeriac in order to increase the impact of the storybook on children’s willingness to taste and try this novel vegetable. There is also a craft idea and two recipes relating to celeriac to further support and reinforce the impact of the book.


Knobbly Wobbly Bobbly Review

Knobbly Wobbly Bobbly Celeriac


A fun and engaging picture book that uses rhyme and repetition to encourage children to eat more healthily.