Food & Activity Photocards


These photocards have been designed to support teaching in the areas of Food & Drink (Energy In), Physical Activity (Energy Out), healthy lifestyles and Energy Balance. They can be used as a standalone resource, or in conjunction with PhunkyFoods lesson plans. Teaching ideas are provided for all primary stages.

Each food card depicts a 100kcal portion of a food item on the front, and on the back some additional information about that particular food. For example, which food group it belongs to on the eatwell guide, some information about how the food is grown or produced, and a healthy tip dependent on the food type.

The activity cards show a range of both sedentary and physical activities and include information such as how long you would have to carry out that activity for in order to burn 100kcals.

£17.99 (£14.99 ex VAT)