Bish, Bash, Bosh, We Love Squash!


There is a bumper crop of butternut squash in Uncle Akki’s allotment. He does not want it to go to waste, so Ravinder and Priya take some home and Mum and Dad see how many different ways they can eat it.
This story has been written for young children (aged 3 -5 years) , and has been designed to increase familiarity of new vegetables to encourage children to eat more vegetables. There is also an important food waste message told through the story.
The book includes an introduction to sensory learning activities using butternut squash in order to increase the impact of the storybook on children’s willingness to taste and try this novel vegetable. There is also a craft idea and two recipes relating to butternut squash to further support and reinforce the impact of the book.


A fun and engaging story book that uses rhyme and repetition to encourage children to eat more healthily.

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